If you're tired (literally) of loading yourself with cheap health destroying sugar bombs that leave you wasted after the crash, and yet can't go without that desperately needed Energy Boost, then let me tell you...

"How One Drink Can Give You That
Desperately Needed Energy Boost
Without Sacrificing Your Health,
And Even Benefitting Your Body In The Process"

You'll be shocked to find out how just one can of a certain Energy Drink (yes, an Energy Drink) can not only give you an Energy Boost that lasts for hours, but also do wonders to your health...*

"You gotta be kidding me..."

Hi, my name is Jonathan Gill, and usually I would be the last person to even consider energy drinks anything more than health destroying, jitter inducing sugar bombs. Some of them are even so dangerous that some countries have banned them. And yet...

...lets face it, in the world we live in we face situations in which you need to be awake, alert and at your best performance levels. It could be that long drive home, the exam you need to pass, the business meeting you don't want to fall asleep at or just a clear head in the morning - sometimes we all need help to be at our best. And Life is just too short to waste it on unnecessary sleep anyway.

Energy drinks would be the perfect soultion, if they were not so terribly unhealthy. It's kind of like: "Give me the energy now - I'll pay the price with my health later".

"Normal energy drink?"

What do you want from an energy drink? I'd want it to keep me awake, be able to concentrate, it should taste good and I'd not want it to fill me up with bad stuff. So Energy drinks with too much sugar and unhealthy stuff are pretty much a no go. So what should we do about that? TRY VERVE.


It's an energy drink. Not a normal energy drink, no it's an energy drink that doesn't just keep you awake, help you concentrate and tastes good - it actually is HEALTHY! And by that I mean not just less unhealthy but actually doing you and your body good, improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Verve Energy Drink


Yes, healthy! Instead of just trying to make an energy drink less unhealthy, Verve goes the other way. It starts with an already trusted, tried and tested health drink and adds energy boosting ingredients instead. Verve is based upon the award winning Vemma nutritional supplement formula and includes just about all the vitamins and minerals your body needs daily. These vitamins and minerals are specially desinged to eliminate the nutritional deficiencies that often cause us to feel tired and burnt out.
And not only does Verve have all the vitamins and most of the minerals your body needs each day, it also contains antioxidants (known to fight cancer), which are vital for your body.

"Antioxidants - now why would I need those?"

In order to combat the "free radicals" in your system. Free radicals are unstable molecules that move freely through the body and bond with other molecules in healthy cells, damaging chromosomes, enzymes, cell membranes and mitochondria through oxidization (the same process that makes iron rust).
The most damaging free radicals are produced in the cell's mitochondria and if you exercise it can actually speed up the process by as much as 200%. These added free radicals likely can't be quelled by our inherent antioxidant defenses, especially with today's sub-par diets. Instead they end up damaging our cell systems resulting in decreased energy levels, accelerated aging and decreased mental performance. In other words they make you feel weak, tired and burnt out.

Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and as a result prevent cellular damage -- the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. This means your body spends less energy fighting free radicals and more energy doing the things you're asking of it.

"What else?"

Verve also includes Mangosteen, Aloe Vera & Green Tea and although there is some sugar (for the taste), that sugar is fructose (natural sugar), the same type and about the same amount you would find in one apple.

There is even a special can lining that makes sure that the aluminium of the can doesn't come into contact with the healthy contents. In order to preserve all the goodness they even use a new special cold fill process so all the vitamins and other good stuff is protected while being filled into the can.

Did you know that you'd need...

  • ...2 Cups of spinach to get the same amount of Vitamin A
  • ...2 and a half large Watermelons to get the same amount of Vitamin B-6
  • ...4.4 pounds of Cheddar Cheese to get the same amount of Vitamin B-12
  • ...3 oranges to get the same amount of Vitamin C
  • ...55 eggs to get the same amount of Vitamin D
  • ...10 Avocados to get the same amount of Vitamin E
  • ...3 bunches of Broccoli to get the same amount of iron
  • ...4 cups of peas to get the same amount of Thiamine
  • ...20 normal sized Bananas to get the same amount of Riboflavin
  • ...62 cups of tomatoes to get the same amount of Folic acid
  • ...5 big potatoes to get the same amount of Niacin
  • ...1.1 pounds of cherries to get the same ORAC value
  • ...37 normal sized mushrooms to get the same amount of pantothene acid

... to equal whats in just one can of Verve?

You also don't "crash" as soon as the caffeine has stopped working, so you're not more tired than before you drank Verve.

"Healthy with caffeine?"

Yes, the caffeine in Verve is taken from the Guarana fruit and is called Guranine. One can of Verve contains the same amount of Guranine as a normal cup of coffee does caffeine. The Guranine in Verve is released slowly and that is why it gives you a longer lasting energy boost than caffeine in coffee.
The Guarana seed has been shown, in combination with other herbs, to naturally help you loose weight and even improve sexual vigor and vitality. It's also known to increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance.

"So.... how much does Verve cost?"

This amazing energy drink, which tastes great, inlcudes all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, as well as antioxidants, guarana seed extract, mangosteen, aloe vera and green tea comes at the amazing price of just 2-3 dollars a can (this depends on the amount you order - a 12 pack for instance goes for $35).
As with nearly all things, you basically get what you pay for. Verve does cost more than the usual energy drink, the value of what you get though is HUGE. Here for example is a brief comparison with current energy drinks:

As you can see most energy drinks just concentrate on B-Vitamins and Caffeine. These only provide a short lived energy boost but will have you reaching for the next can very soon, otherwise the effect wears off quite quickly. This is where Verve is different. Not only do you get a fast intense energy boost, but all the extra healthy stuff makes sure your body keeps going long after the caffeine has done its work. Sometimes a single Verve can last 6 hours and more.

Best of all. Verve comes with a 100%, 30 day, empty bottle, money-back guarantee.

Satisfaction Guranteed

"Where/How can I get Verve?"

You can get Verve right here on this webpage. Click on the link below to get your very own delicious tasting, insanely healthy energy loaded pack of Verve!

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P.S.: Here is a quick overview of what goes into just one can of Verve

Awesome Taste
No Crash
Aloe Vera & Green Tea
Tons of Vitamins
Minerals in plant form

So don't forget to click here and order this energy drink which gives you what you want, need and more in order to live an insanely healthy, powerfull, active life.

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